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Having over 30 years of experience as an educator, researcher, consultant and practitioner.

Welcome to my official website!

I have decided to create this site to provide information about Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and liquefaction to practicing engineers and geologists.


I have included all my technical papers here for reference as well as my Robertson’s Remarks and other informal information about cone penetration testing. Enjoy!


I currently work as a Technical Advisor for Gregg Drilling & Testing, Inc in Southern California. I oversee the quality assurance and quality control procedures for Gregg’s CPT operations as well as help with R&D efforts on our equipment design and manufacturing.


I was also involved in the creation of a number of inexpensive software programs available for engineers to interpret CPT data, along with John Ioannides, a talented geotechnical engineer and software programmer in Greece.

We came up with a program for CPT Interpretation called CPeT-IT as well as one for liquefaction evaluation called CLiq (pron. “Slick”).

I frequently use these programs to help answer technical questions or solve design issues using CPT data. I recommend visiting the website of the software company, GeoLogismiki.


I continue to consult on projects and often travel internationally for conferences or speaking engagements.


I wanted to make available most of my papers and publications to the engineering community. Please feel free to download these papers and use them for your own reference or research.


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