Peter K. Robertson

Technical Director, Gregg Drilling & Testing, Inc.
Professor Emeritus, Geotechnical Engineering
B.Sc. (Nottingham, U.K.) (1972),
M.A.Sc. (British Columbia) (1975),
Ph.D. (British Columbia) (1983), P.Eng.


Peter has over 30 years experience as an educator, researcher, consultant and practitioner specializing in the areas of in-situ testing of soils, earthquake design of geotechnical structures, soil liquefaction, pile design and soil structure interaction. Dr. Robertson is recognized as an expert both nationally and internationally in the areas of insitu testing and soil liquefaction. He was the Principal Investigator of the Canadian Liquefaction Experiment (CANLEX) from 1993 to 2000, a $2 million collaborative project between industry, universities, and consulting engineers to study the characterization of sand for liquefaction analysis. Dr. Robertson has been a consultant to various industrial clients and insurance companies in North America, Asia and Europe for projects involving liquefaction evaluation for major structures, stability of onshore and offshore structures, landslides, stability of natural slopes and tailings dams, deep foundations and use and interpretation of in-situ tests.

Dr. Robertson has authored or coauthored 249 publications including one book, six chapters in books, three engineering design manuals, 79 refereed journal publications, and 142 other refereed contributions. In his role as Associate Vice President (Research/Industry) at the University of Alberta (1999 – 2005), Dr. Robertson was responsible for leadership in the transfer of technology to the community. Dr. Robertson has also sat on the Boards of several private and not-for-profit organizations. He also lectures on leadership and management and maintains an active research program in geotechnical engineering.

Currently, Peter is the Technical Director of Gregg Drilling & Testing Inc., a major site investigation company located in California

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