Over the past year, I’ve been broadcasting a series of free on-line webinars each month. The webinars focus on Cone Penetration Testing and range from a basic introduction to detailed in-depth analysis of liquefaction using the CPT.

Each webinar is about an hour in length and is followed by a short question and answer period. Attending the webinars live allows audience members to participate in the question period and also receive one (1) Professional Development Hour. An e-mail confirming attendance is sent out one hour after the webinar concludes. Please visit www.greggdrilling.com/webinars for a list of previous webinars and to view any scheduling upcoming webinars. By clicking on previous webinars you can access a PDF of the slides from the presentation as well as the YouTube link to view a recording of the webinar.

I hope you enjoy these webinars and they help you understand how CPT can be used in your site investigation.