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Guide To Cone Penetration Testing, 7th Edition, 2024

Guide To Insitu Testing, 2nd Edition, 2022

Evaluation of flow liquefaction and liquefied strength using the cone penetration test: an update, Published 2022

Cone penetration test (CPT)-based soil behaviour type (SBT) classification system — an update, Published October 2016

Evaluation of liquefaction in
tailings and mine waste:
an update, Published October 2018

Characterization Of Unsaturated Mine Waste: A Case History. Canadian Geotechnical Journal J54, Published June 2017

Evaluation Of Flow Liquefaction: Influence Of High Stress. PBD III Vancouver 2017

Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Based Soil Behavior Type Classification System - An Update, Canadian Geotechnical Journal 2016

Comparing CPT And Vs Liquefaction Triggering Methods

Soil Behavior Type Using The DMT

CANLEX 1 Project-Summary & Conclusions-Robertson Et Al-CGJ

CANLEX REPORT: Book E Phase IV Data Review Report Vol. I - Data Report; Vol. II - Appendices

CANLEX 3 Sampling CGJ

CANLEX REPORT: Book C Phases I And II Data Review Report Vol. II - Appendices

CANLEX REPORT: Book A Introductory Data Review Report

CANLEX 4 Modelling CGJ

CANLEX REPORT: Book B Phases I And III Data Review Report Vol. I - Data Report

CANLEX 2 Interp. Of In-Situ Tests At CANLEX Sites-Wride Et Al-CGJ

CANLEX REPORT: Book D Phase II Data Review Report Vol. I - Data Report; Vol. II - Appendices

Interpretation Of Cone Penetration Tests - A Unified Approach, Can Geotech Journal 2009

Publication List

Interpretation Of In-Situ Tests – Some Insights, 2012

Evaluation Of Flow Liquefaction And Liquefied Strength Using The Cone Penetration Test, 2010

Estimation Of Seismic Compression In Dry Soils Using The CPT, 2010

CPT For Soft Sediments And Deepwater Investigations, 2010

Estimating In-Situ State Parameter And Friction Angle In Sandy Soils From CPT, 2010

Soil Behaviour Type From The CPT- An Update, 2010

Estimating Soil Unit Weight From CPT, 2010

Performance Based Earthquake Design Using The CPT, 2009

CPT-DMT Correlations, 2009

Guide To Cone Penetration Testing For Geo-Enviromental Engineering, 2nd Edition, 2009

Seismic Design For Liquefaction, 2007

Estimating Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Displacements Using The Standard Penetration Test Or Cone Penetration Test, 2004

Estimating Liquefaction-Induced Ground Settlements From CPT For Level Ground, 2002

Evaluating Soil Liquefaction And Post-Earthquake Deformations Using The CPT, 2004

Site Characterization Of Piedmont Residuum Of North America, 2003

The CANLEX Project- Summary And Conclusions, 2000

Detection Of Shear Zones In A Natural Clay Slope Using The Cone Penetration Test And Continuous Dynamic Sampling, 2000

Undrained Shear Strength Of Clean Sands To Trigger Flow Liquefaction, 1999

Estimation Of Minimum Undrained Shear Strength For Flow Liquefaction Using The CPT, 1999

Evaluating Cyclic Liquefaction Potential Using The Cone Penetration Test, 1998

Risk Based Site Characterization, 1998

NCEER Summary Report, 1997

Estimation Of Sand Compressibility From Seismic CPT, 1995

Liquefaction Of Sands And Its Evaluation, 1995

Estimating Coefficient Of Consolidation From Piezocone Tests, 1992

Estimation Of Minimum Undrained Shear Strength For Flow Liquefaction Using The CPT, 1992

Discussion & Reply To: Soil Classification By The Cone Penetration Test, 1990

Soil Classification Using The Cone Penetration Test, 1990

Design Of Laterally Loaded Driven Piles Using The Flat Dilatometer, 1989

Seismic CPT to measure in-situ shear wave velocity, 1986

SPT-CPT Correlations, 1983

Interpretation Of Cone Penetration Tests, 1983

Pile Bearing Capacity Prediction By Means Of Static Penetrometer CPT, 1982